Welcome to Dordogne

The Périgord is composed of five countries each with its capital: Périgueux, Bergerac, Ribérac, Nontron and Sarlat.

The department of the Dordogne is located at the crossroads of geographical and climatic influences which give it its exceptional diversity of natural environments and landscapes. The department concentrates on its territory rich natural and patrimonial resources of international renown.

Here, peaceful rivers, lazy streams, beautiful valleys where the rivers draw ample curves: Nature here does not threaten man, but seems made to facilitate his life.

On land, on the water or in the air, go with your family, couple or friends to discover one of the French departments with the greatest number of wealth.


The city of Brantôme: Green Venice of the Périgord, Brantôme is a tourist and cultural highlight of the department. Its cultural and tourist activities, the reputation of the restaurants make it a center where cultural and gastronomy combine in excellent conditions.


La Roche Gageac, Nontron, Brantôme, Beynac, Sarlat, St Léon Sur Vézère, Castelnaud La Chapelle, Perigueux, Chateau de Puyguilhem, Château de Monbazillac, … It is one of the richest departments of France, after Paris, for the number of historical monuments.

Many caves and prehistoric sites are the must-see in the region: Lascaux caves, Villars caves, pre-historic deposits of Cro Magnon, …

A multitude of tourist activities are proposed in the Dordogne: Walks in tourist train or carriage, descent of the Dordogne, Dronne or Vézère in canoe or in gabare, helicopter or balloon rides, walks in vélorail, .. .

The Dordogne has numerous lakes where bathing enthusiasts can take a head, others can do a fishing.

Many art workshops are gathered for you, they invite you to cross their doors. Discover exceptional know-how during your walks in the Dordogne. Among other things, the Nontron cutlery which has several centuries of experience in the manufacture of traditional knives.



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marché de BRANTOME
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chateau de jumilhac

Gastronomy in the Dordogne

It is enough to evoke the Périgord so that we associate images of beautiful tables: truffles, foie gras, confit and duck breast, cep mushrooms, potatoes, walnut, strawberries , Chestnuts, grattons, pâtés, … Not to mention renowned wines: Bergerac, Pécharmant, Monbazillac, Saussignac and Montravel. In addition to being tasty, the Perigourdine cuisine promotes longevity and good health. E n Périgord, a land of good living and good flesh, eating well improves life expectancy !!

« Perigord, for those who have never been there, what a country of plenty, what tempting paradise, where greed is never punished or disappointed, and can indulge in its most unreasonable impulses. »

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The markets in Dordogne

Traditional, producers of country, nocturnes and festive, to the bold, the markets are impossible to circumvent in Périgord. Meet the producers and savor local products in the best conditions. Each season its products.